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Our mission is to become an essential block for NFT gaming. We provide the required frameworks and games to support the management and exchange of NFTs for blockchain projects. We aim to become a key player in the NFT gaming industry, helping to drive the growth and accessibility of NFTs and enabling new innovative ways for gamers to engage with and monetize their digital assets.


Our company culture aligns with the Web3 ethos of equality and innovation. Ideas and contributions will be valued equally, giving each member the chance to make a real impact in each decision-making and project.



Our team, composed of experts in gaming, marketing, blockchain, and investments, is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of building the Essential Block for NFT Gaming. We offer NFT games and development frameworks to drive the growth and innovation of the NFT gaming industry.


03board members.

Meet our board members - Each represented by a Ragnarok Poring character that reflects each member’s personality. They are comprised of professionals with diverse traits and strengths, all brought together by a shared passion for blockchain technology.



Our first block game project, RAGNAROK: Monster World is an RPG game centered around collecting monsters, inspired by "RAGNAROK ONLINE." Players are challenged to create their own team of diverse and distinctive monsters within the game world. By navigating dungeons and battling in PVP arenas, players can put their strategies and might to the test.


We work as a validator in both the XPLA and HAVAH networks. Our participation helps to ensure the security, trust, and stability of these networks, which is essential for users and stakeholders. We also participate in consensus mechanisms to reach an agreement on the state of the blockchain.




120 Lower Delta Road #10-09, Cendex Centre, Singapore

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02korea office.


9F, 211, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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